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Xiaomi has recently stopped providing updates for several of its models. This leaves Xiaomi users wondering if it's time to upgrade their devices. 

In this blog post, we will explore why you should upgrade your device, list down the Xiaomi models that have reached their end-of-support phase, and offer recommendations for upgrading your Xiaomi device.

Why Some Xiaomi Devices No Longer Receive Updates

Xiaomi, like many other smartphone brands, faces the challenge of balancing software updates with the demands of newer software versions and advancing hardware capabilities. The company follows a rapid device upgrade cycle, which means that as new devices are introduced, older devices may no longer receive software updates. 

Another factor is the allocation of resources. Xiaomi has many different models, so they have to prioritize where they put their efforts. It may not be practical or cost-effective for them to develop and test updates for older devices.

Lastly, hardware limitations play a role. As software evolves, it requires more power or specific hardware features that older devices don't have. Providing updates for these devices could lead to poor performance or unstable functionality, which Xiaomi wants to avoid.

How Many Years Do Xiaomi Devices Get Updates?

Xiaomi devices typically receive software updates for around two years. After this period, updates for the MIUI, Android operating system, and security patches may no longer be provided. Xiaomi maintains an official End-of-Support (EOS) list that indicates devices that have reached the end of their update support.

Stay informed about the update support for your Xiaomi device by regularly checking the EOS list. Once a device is listed, it means that it has exceeded the two-year mark and will no longer receive updates.

List of Xiaomi Devices No Longer Receiving Updates

As of June 2023, several Xiaomi models have lost update support and will no longer receive software updates. 

The following Xiaomi devices have reached their end-of-support phase and will no longer receive software updates:

  1. Mi 1
  2. Mi 2
  3. Mi 2A
  4. Mi 3
  5. Mi 4
  6. Mi 4S
  7. Mi 4C
  8. Mi 5
  9. Mi 5S
  10. Mi 5S Plus
  11. Mi 5C
  12. Mi 5X
  13. Mi 6
  14. Mi 6X
  15. Mi 8
  16. Mi 8 Lite
  17. Mi 8 SE
  18. Mi 8 UD
  19. Mi 8 Pro
  20. Mi 8 Explore Edition
  21. Mi 9
  22. Mi 9 Lite
  23. Mi 9 Pro 5G
  24. Mi 9T Pro
  25. Mi 9 SE
  26. Mi CC 9
  27. Mi CC 9e
  28. Mi CC 9 Pro
  29. Mi Note
  30. Mi Note 2
  31. Mi Note 3
  32. Mi Note Pro
  33. MIX
  34. MIX 2
  35. Mi MAX
  36. Mi MAX 2
  37. Mi MAX 3
  38. Mi A1
  39. Mi A2
  40. Mi A2 Lite
  41. Mi A3 (Android One)
  42. Mi Pad
  43. Mi Pad 2
  44. Mi Pad 3
  45. Mi Pad 4
  46. Mi Pad 4 Plus
  47. MIX 2S
  48. MIX 3
  49. Mi PLAY
  50. Mi Note 10
  51. Mi 10 Lite Zoom (CN)
  52. Mi Note 10 Lite
  53. Redmi 1
  54. Redmi 1S
  55. Redmi 2
  56. Redmi 2A
  57. Redmi 3
  58. Redmi 3S
  59. Redmi 3X
  60. Redmi 4
  61. Redmi 4X
  62. Redmi 4A
  63. Redmi 5
  64. Redmi 5 Plus
  65. Redmi 5A
  66. Redmi Note 1
  67. Redmi Note 1S
  68. Redmi Note 2
  69. Redmi Note 2 Pro
  70. Redmi Note 3
  71. Redmi Note 4
  72. Redmi Note 4X
  73. Redmi Note 5
  74. Redmi Note 5A
  75. Redmi Note 5 Pro
  76. Redmi Pro
  77. Redmi 6
  78. Redmi 6 Pro
  79. Redmi 6A
  80. Redmi Note 6 Pro
  81. Redmi S2
  82. Redmi Y2
  83. Redmi Go
  84. Redmi Note 7
  85. Redmi Note 7S
  86. Redmi Note 7 Pro
  87. Redmi K20
  88. Redmi 7
  89. Redmi Y3
  90. Redmi K20 Pro
  91. Redmi 7A
  92. Redmi 8
  93. Redmi Note 8 Pro
  94. Redmi Note 8T
  95. Redmi 8A
  96. Redmi Note 8 (ID)
  97. Redmi 8A Dual
  98. Redmi Note 8 (IN)
  99. Redmi Note 8 (GLOBAL)
  100. Redmi Note 8 (CN)
  101. Redmi K30
  102. Redmi K30 5G
  103. Redmi K30 5G Speed
  104. Redmi 10X (CN)
  105. Redmi 10X Pro (CN)
  106. POCO F2 Pro (GLOBAL)
  107. Redmi Note 9 (EEA)
  108. Redmi Note 9 (ID)
  109. Redmi Note 9 (GLOBAL)
  110. Redmi 9 (CN)
  111. Redmi 10X 4G (CN)
  112. Redmi 9A (GLOBAL)
  113. Redmi K30i 5G (CN)
  114. POCO F1
  115. POCO PHONE F1
  116. POCO X2

Note that even though these devices won't receive official updates anymore, Xiaomi might still give updates if there are serious security problems. But it's important to understand that your device will stay on its current software version, without any significant updates.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Xiaomi Device?

Considering the list of Xiaomi models no longer receiving updates, it's important to assess whether it's time to upgrade your Xiaomi device. Here are key factors to consider when it comes to upgrading your smartphone:


Without regular updates, your device becomes vulnerable to security risks. Upgrading ensures you have the latest security patches to protect your data and privacy.

Performance and Compatibility

Software updates often bring performance improvements and enhance compatibility with new apps and services. Upgrading lets you experience smoother performance and ensure your device is compatible with the latest technologies.

New Features and Functionality

Upgrading to a newer device grants access to the latest features and functions introduced by Xiaomi. From improved camera capabilities to enhanced user interfaces, upgrading keeps you up to date with the latest innovations.


As devices age, hardware-related issues may arise. Upgrading ensures continued support from Xiaomi, including customer service, warranty coverage, and future updates. Investing in a supported device offers peace of mind and ongoing assistance.


While Xiaomi models provide excellent value, it's important to consider the support lifecycle of your device. Xiaomi provides software updates for around two years, but certain devices will no longer receive official updates. Xiaomi's rapid device upgrade cycle and resource allocation are the reasons behind this.

If you choose to upgrade, reputable e-stores like CompAsia offer a range of reliable and up-to-date Xiaomi devices. At CompAsia, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technology. Our devices undergo a meticulous 32-step quality check process, ensuring excellent performance and the ability to receive software updates.

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