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These are the top apps designed to help you cultivate positive habits, improve productivity, and enhance your overall lifestyle. From simple diary apps to feature-packed habit trackers, we'll explore each app's unique features, functionality, and suitability. Whether you're aiming to build a new habit streak, stay organized, or track your progress over time, we've got you covered.


With Structured’s clean, minimalist timeline, you can easily see what's on your plate for the day. The best part is that Structured syncs seamlessly across all your Apple devices, so you're always in the loop whether you're on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. And now, it's available on Android too, making it your go-to companion no matter which platform you prefer.

Structured isn't just another day planner—it's packed with features to make your life easier. From seamless integration with your calendar and reminders to drag-and-drop support and customizable notifications, it's got everything you need to stay on track. Plus, with its intuitive AI assistant, creating your daily agenda is a breeze.

Whether you're a busy parent juggling family and work, a student trying to stay on top of your studies, or a professional aiming to boost productivity, Structured has you covered.

Structured is free to download, with optional upgrades available for those looking for extra features.

Way of Life

Way of Life is different from other habit trackers. Instead of just marking habits as done or not done, you can also skip them without breaking your streak. Each habit has its journal where you can add notes to explain why you missed a day or what you did differently. This helps you understand your habits better, and you can see your progress in detail in the Trends tab.

One cool thing about Way of Life is its customizable streaks, called "chains." You can aim for the longest streak possible or set specific target streak lengths for each habit. For example, you could challenge yourself to go without soda for five days straight and then take a break. This approach is more realistic for many people and keeps motivation high even if you miss a day or two.

There's also a feature called "red chains," which tracks consecutive days of failing to stick to a habit. Some people find it motivating, while others might find it discouraging. But for those who like the reminder, breaking the red chain with a green day can be satisfying.

Way of Life offers all the standard features you'd expect from a habit tracker, including reminders and progress data. It's easy to use and organize, with a simple and intuitive interface. You can track up to three habits for free, making it accessible for everyone.


Habitify is one slick habit tracker available on iOS, macOS, Android, and the web. You can organize your habits into different areas like "Morning," and "Afternoon," or create your own like "Mindfulness" or "Gym Time." This way, you can keep things tidy and focus on what matters.

Another nifty feature is the "Action List." You can attach to-do items to each habit. Need a reminder to pack your gym bag? Habitify's got your back. Plus, you can track your mood with emojis and jot down notes on how your habits are going.

You can join or host challenges with friends or strangers. Whether it's holding a plank for 2 minutes or chugging 1.5 liters of water daily, it's a fun way to stay on track. Of course, Habitify's got your back with streak tracking and progress views. Want to see how you're doing overall or dive into a specific habit? Head to the Progress tab.

Habitify syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit to automatically check off habits. Plus, it plays nice with thousands of other apps through Zapier.


Many folks swear by Awesome Habits, yet it's often overlooked. Let's say you wanna hit a certain number of pull-ups each week, but you're not fussed about doing them daily. Awesome Habits shows your progress and then gets out of your hair. And the best part? You can link it to other apps.

Plus, it's on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so you're covered no matter what device you're on. Awesome Habits for tracking weekly habits. It's a game-changer if you're serious about leveling up your routines.


Strides is a must-have for iOS users who want to crush their goals. It's all about setting SMART goals and working at your own pace. With four unique tracker types, you can find the perfect way to track your progress. Whether you're into hitting time-bound targets or achieving smaller milestones, Strides has options for everyone.

You get customized progress reports, tracker templates, and charts to keep you motivated. Plus, you can add notes, set reminders, and get progress updates—all to help you stay on track. With 150 templates to choose from, you'll never run out of ways to track your goals.


Streaks is the habit tracker for iPhone users who want to keep things simple yet effective. You can track daily, weekly, or monthly habits with a tap, and customize them to fit your routine. Plus, it syncs across your Apple devices seamlessly, so you're always in the loop. 

Streaks even hooks up with Apple Health, making it easy to track fitness goals. And with its Home Screen widgets, you can keep your habits front and center. It's got cool stats to keep you motivated and a note-taking feature for extra context. People love it for its straightforward approach and the ability to customize it to their liking.

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