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Smartphones are vital for communication, work, and entertainment. Yet, they're also magnets for unwanted calls and spam messages, disrupting our peace and productivity. 

If you're fed up with constant spam calls, it's time to take control of call screening. Here, we'll delve into eight effective ways to screen calls and squash the spam on your device.

8 Effective Ways to Screen Calls on Your Phone

Enable Built-in Call Screening Features

Many Android devices come equipped with built-in call-screening features designed to combat spam and nuisance calls. Navigate to your device's settings and explore options such as "Call Blocking" or "Spam Protection." Activate these features to automatically screen and filter incoming calls, minimizing disruptions to your day.

Install Call Screening Apps

For enhanced call filtering capabilities, consider installing third-party call screening apps from the Google Play Store. Apps like Truecaller, Hiya, and Call Blocker to leverage sophisticated algorithms to detect and block spam calls in real time. Download your preferred app, customize settings, and enjoy a spam-free calling experience tailored to your preferences.

Create Custom Blocklists

Take advantage of your phone's built-in blocklist feature or third-party call-screening apps to create custom blocklists. Identify recurring spam numbers or nuisance callers and add them to your blocklist manually. Additionally, some apps offer community-driven blocklists that automatically block known spam numbers reported by other users.

Use Caller ID & Spam Detection

Caller ID and spam detection technology can help you identify incoming calls from unknown numbers or suspected spam callers. Enable these features on your device to receive real-time notifications about potential spam calls before answering. Caller ID apps like Truecaller utilize crowdsourced data to provide accurate caller information and spam detection.

Set Do Not Disturb Mode

When you need uninterrupted focus or rest, activate the Do Not Disturb mode on your Android device. This feature silences all incoming calls, notifications, and alerts, allowing you to concentrate on tasks without interruptions. Customize Do Not Disturb settings to allow calls from specific contacts or enable automatic scheduling during specific hours.

Utilize Call Blocking and Filtering Rules

Some Android devices offer advanced call-blocking and filtering rules that allow you to create custom criteria for call screening. Explore your phone's settings to access these features and set up rules based on factors such as caller ID, number patterns, or call frequency. By defining specific criteria, you can automatically block or redirect calls that meet certain conditions.

Report Spam Calls

Combat spam calls and contribute to the collective effort by reporting spam numbers to your call screening app or service provider. Most call-screening apps include a reporting feature that allows users to flag suspicious numbers as spam. By reporting spam calls, you help improve the effectiveness of call screening algorithms and protect others from unwanted solicitations.

Ignore Unknown Links

Do not click on links in texts from unknown senders, as they could lead to phishing websites or malware downloads. Similarly, resist the urge to press any buttons instructed by robocalls, as this could inadvertently disclose sensitive information. Remember, clicking is one of the fastest ways for scammers to exploit you, so exercise caution at all times.

Take Control of Your Phone With CompAsia

Call screening empowers you to take control of your phone and eliminate the nuisance of spam calls. Install call screening apps, and implement proactive measures to enjoy a more peaceful and productive smartphone experience. Remember, vigilance is key to staying one step ahead of scammers.

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