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Why spend more buying a brand-new device when you can save money by getting a second-hand smartphone and still enjoy the same features?

If you're strict on budget on your next smartphone purchase, consider buying a second-hand one instead. Second-hand smartphones provide more benefits than brand-new devices, including saving money, helping the environment, and helping your personal goal of owning a specific device. 

Read more to find out the seven reasons why you should opt for a second-hand smartphone instead of buying a brand new model this 2023.

Are Second-Hand Smartphones Worth Buying? 

With an average time of around six hours spent on smartphones per day in 2021, Filipino online users dominate world rankings in social media and internet usage. Virtual classes and remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic also further led to smartphones becoming an indispensable part of life among Filipinos.  

However, brand-new, top-of-the-line smartphones aren't always an option for buyers on a budget. In that case, smartphones are worth buying if you want to avoid hefty price tags and underwhelming updates between models. 

Fortunately, the second-hand smartphone market has also been growing rapidly, giving people less and less reason to buy a new smartphone. 

According to a consumer poll, more than two-thirds (67%) of owners of second-hand smartphones claimed they had no concerns about their gadgets. This percentage is remarkably similar to the 69% of new smartphone owners who had the same sentiment about their brand-new devices. In fact, more than 4 out of 5 consumers who purchased a second-hand smartphone expressed satisfaction with their purchase.

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Second-Hand Smartphone

Here are seven reasons why buying a second-hand smartphone is a wise choice. Spoiler alert: The benefits of a second-hand phone go beyond its affordability.

Second-Hand Smartphones Save You Money

Why would you choose to purchase a used smartphone over a brand-new one? Budget is the simplest and most typical response.

A used smartphone will be less expensive than a brand-new version of the same device. As a result, you can upgrade to a model you otherwise couldn't afford. If you couldn't care less about unboxing a brand-new device, you can save even more money this way.

A good example is Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, launched in early 2022 with a price of ₱72,900 for the 256GB variant. The same unit is retailing at about ₱44,950 in second-hand retailers like CompAsia, which is almost 40% off. Second-hand device retailers like CompAsia offer optimal devices at the best prices while maintaining high-quality mobile features.

Second-Hand Devices Provide The Same Features As Brand New Ones

Investing in a second-hand smartphone will give you the same perks as any new handset available on the market, allowing you to enjoy the latest features for up to a fraction of its original price.

This is why buying second-hand smartphones almost always guarantees value for money. Like the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G above, many smartphones will still have all the latest features, but you can enjoy them with a big discount.

Many devices also tend to receive software and hardware updates from the manufacturer for at least three years from their launch, ensuring that even second-hand devices can last long. This perk is even better for second-hand iPhone models that can still get updates from five to seven years since release.

Second-Hand Smartphones Can Be Sourced From Reputable Sellers

Contrary to common misconceptions about buying second-hand devices, you can buy a second-hand smartphone from a reliable dealer that certifies its quality. 

Your rights when buying a second-hand smartphone from a business are similar to those when buying a new one. Under RA 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines, you have the right to repair, replace, or refund defective products. Additionally, you're covered if the smartphone isn't what was promised or suitable for the intended use due to false, deceptive, or misleading marketing and dishonest sales promotion techniques.

Reliable retailers like CompAsia will typically provide a warranty, and offer to help with anything you need after purchasing your second-hand smartphone. On the other hand, individuals selling their used smartphones online could offer lesser prices, but a cheaper price tag is not a better bargain if the phone has technical issues. The device could even run the risk of being stolen. 

Second-Hand Smartphone Sellers Provide Quality Assurance

Trusted sellers will ensure you get a second-hand smartphone that was thoroughly tested internally and externally for more than 30 checkpoints. 

For instance, the smartphones at CompAsia undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they deliver optimum performance. All CompAsia products have successfully passed a 32-step quality check that guarantees the following:

  • The battery charges and there is a minimum of 80% battery health.
  • All ports are fully operational, and all card slots are functioning.
  • The display's pixels all operate effectively, and the visuals on the screen are sharp and vivid.
  • Wi-Fi and other networking features operate as intended.
  • Bluetooth audio, speakers, and microphones are fully functional.
  • Both soft keyboards and buttons are functional.
  • And many more!

Second-Hand Smartphones Have Warranties

Reputable sellers offer warranties for their second-hand smartphones. Some dealers also provide replacements and extended warranties for customers' peace of mind. 

A warranty is one of the key benefits of investing in a second-hand smartphone through a certified seller. Aside from helping you ease your concerns about the second-hand smartphone, warranties also show the seller’s confidence in the device. 

If you purchase a second-hand device from CompAsia, your device will get a 1-month warranty by default. You can also opt for a 6 or 12-month extended warranty for a small fee.

Second-Hand Smartphones Give You Lots of Options

If you're not a fan of the latest smartphone models and just want one for everyday use, you can simply get older models. If that's the case, you have many options among the second-hand smartphones available in the market.

Only the newest phones released in the past few months or years are often available from carriers and retail outlets. However, you may purchase a wide variety of phones on CompAsia and other second-hand stores, including models released a few years ago. You'll undoubtedly find a terrific deal because these devices are surely affordable.

Second-Hand Smartphones Lessen Electronic Waste

Buying second-hand devices is good for the environment as it helps reduce electronic waste. Since recycling electronic waste is not always an option, many smartphones end up in landfills. This constant production of electronic products and the subsequent discarding results in environmental damage. 

In 2021, the world produced a total of 57.4 million tons of e-waste, according to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Forum (WEEE). This is equivalent to the weight of the Great Wall of China.

Investing in a second-hand device means you help the environment and keep the technology in circulation. You prevent old phones from ending up in landfills, and you help conserve the energy, water, and other resources needed to create new gadgets.

Get Your Next Smartphone At CompAsia

Now that you know why buying a second-hand smartphone is a clever choice, are you ready to take the leap? Here at CompAsia, we sell second-hand smartphones that you can trust thanks to our commitment to deliver the best devices. We offer free, fast, and secure delivery nationwide, and you can always get in touch with our dedicated customer support who’d be happy to help you with your purchase.

Are you looking for the ideal second-hand smartphone that will suit your needs? Here are a few of our most popular smartphone brands that you can find highly discounted on our site:

Check out CompAsia's catalog of second-hand devices available today. 

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