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Apple’s sweet 16 - and the changes that Philippines will love

The iOS 16 is expected to arrive somewhere towards the end of 2022 and already it is making big waves in the tech world. With enhanced personalisation, intuition and interactive features, it is becoming oh so irresistible to step into Apple’s ecosystem.  

But before you trade-in your Android device, it’s important to note that not all of the features in iOS 16 apply to Philippines.  Even so, there is much to be excited about. Here are the iOS 16 features that Philippines can enjoy.


Locked and loaded


Think of the iPhone as your house and your lockscreen would be the entrance. Apple has put in so much work into this entrypoint that all your neighbours can only assume that you won the lottery.

Firstly, customisation is taken to a whole new level with clocks, calendars, widgets and more. Your lockscreen image seamlessly blends in with your clocks with the ability to layer your image. That’s right, your cat’s face can partially cover your clock widget, just like how your cat tends to get in the way in most instances. 

Your lockscreen can also be used to reflect your focus modes. So you can earn brownie points from your boss by putting the company logo on your lockscreen while at work, and brownie points from your wife by putting her face on your lockscreen for when she tries to unlock your phone. 

Secondly, widgets are more responsive and can provide information in real time. Imagine following an EPL match while you’re on a date with wifey. Right from the lockscreen, you’ll be able to get LIVE updates! You don’t have to constantly check your phone and you’ll score even more brownie points from the missus.   


Mummy knows best


As Asians, we love asserting control over our children. Apple has caught on to this and developed the ability for you to manage your child’s screen time from the moment you unbox that iPad. 

As the parent, you’ll be able to access a Family Checklist. This checklist allows you to manage access to apps and subscriptions from a single device. Additionally, your kids will also be able to request for more screen time through iMessages which you will be able to respond to without having to switch apps.


Family album of the future


Another feature that families can be excited about is the Shared Photo Library. Now, up to 6 family members can contribute to a single album. 

Say you’re on vacation with the fam, mummy is with the girls shopping for Raya outfits while dad is fishing with the boys. Everyone can upload images from their personal phones to a shared family album.

Shared owners have full access to photos. Perhaps your son (who also happens to be an influencer), has mad photo editing skills, he will then be able to edit photos for Instagram-ready shots that every family member can agree on.




Now that international borders have reopened, exploring unfamiliar places is once again on the agenda. Travellers will be thrilled to know about the upgrades on Live Text. 

Filipinos love Thailand, but not many of them can read Thai. By simply activating your camera, you’ll be able to get immediate information like translations and currency exchange rates. An entire menu can easily be converted to English or in Filipino with ease.


Dictation persuasion 


Have you ever caught in a traffic violation for using your phone while driving? To avoid having to make an appearance in court you can now type with your voice. This isn’t especially new, but Apple has upgraded their Dictation feature to include punctuation and emojis. You’ll also be able to shift between text and type seamlessly. 



The beauty of an operating system upgrade is that it applies across generations of devices. You do not need to spend top dollar on the latest iPhone to experience the magic of iOS 16. iOS 16 will be available across iPhone 8 and later.

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