Frequently Asked Questions


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💳 Direct Debit (BPI, UnionBank, RCBC)
📱 eWallets (GCash, Grabpay, Maya)
📱 Buy Now Pay Later (Billease - 3 months / GGives - 24 months)
🏪 Over-The-Counter/Retail Outlets (7-11)

2C2P Gateway
💳 Global Card (Metrobank - 0% for 3 months)
💳 Direct Debit (UnionBank)

Please note that Cash on Delivery (sorry!) and TendoPay are not available. The current available installment options are GGives (24 months), Billease (3 months) and Metrobank (3 months, 0% installment).


We warrant the product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.


However the warranty will be voided if there are obvious signs of physical damage and/or accidental damage.


Cosmetic wear and tear is also not covered. Also, any kind of water, liquid or moisture damage will void your warranty.


For any Warranty claim the customer must not only include the device but the invoice/ receipt that was given in the package with the device as well. 

Devices come with a standard 1 month warranty.


If you purchase Extended Warranty (6/12 months), it does not mean 1 month + 6/12 months. It simply means the 1 month coverage is extended to 6/12 months.


The same terms apply to Extended Warranty under promotion (if any).

Yes, modifying the software by either jailbreaking or rooting your device will void the warranty as this will open up the device to security risks.

Yes definitely. Please provide your invoice or IMEI number for us to verify and process the warranty claim.

You may inquire / submit a service request by contacting us.

We will either:

- Repair the hardware defect at no charge

- Exchange the product with another original second hand product of an equivalent value

Depending on the severity and the needed parts for the phone it may take longer than the 18 working days.

Shipping & Service

We deliver to the whole Philippines.

Please take note that we do not have same-day or rush delivery. After an order has been received, we will take 1-2 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sunday or Public Holidays) to process and test your order before we pack and schedule a handover to the courier. After the hand over is done, there will be a turnaround time for the courier to deliver to you.


The usual turnaround time for delivery is 2-3 days within NCR, 5-7 days for provincial areas, and 7-10 days for out-of-delivery areas from the date of pickup. However, due to restrictions that our partner courier might encounter during peak season, holidays, or bad weather, there might be slight shipment delays.

Please contact our customer support team and provide your invoice or order number to check the status. WhatsApp us at+63 960 822 7260 or email

We are really sorry to hear about that. Please provide your invoice or order number so that we can check with the courier service.

Also, we will be arranging for a pick-up for the item to the shipping address you provided to collect the item back. We will ship a replacement device to you as soon as possible.

We’re really sorry to hear about that. Please provide your invoice or order number so that we can check the order.

We apologize for the mistake and we will investigate this.

We will send out the correct device as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we only ship domestically within Philippines.

An email will be sent once your order has been dispatched.

You can check your email or visit our website to check its status with your registered email account.

Please note: If you do not receive our email confirmation, please look into your SPAM/JUNK mailbox.


CPO Device, also known as original second-hand device.

Each of our device goes through a 32-Step Test Process to ensure that all our mobile devices are 100% functional before it is sold to you and each device comes with a 1-month warranty.

The aesthetic appearance of the CPO Device has light scratches on the body and screen that may be visible from more than 8 inches away.


Blancco Test :

Buying an untested used device comes with the risk that it might not work properly.

At CompAsia, our devices are tested and genuine second-hand devices.

We test to ensure that each device is 100% functional before it is sold to you.


Body: The phone is in perfect and flawless condition, like-new.

Screen: No noticeable scratches or blemishes. 

Expectation: Expected to be in a pristine condition, indistinguishable from a brand-new phone.



Body: Minor signs of wear such as minor scratches and stains, along with possible minor dents/dings, not noticeable from 1 arm distance

Screen: Scratches that are barely noticeable when the screen is on

Expectation: Expected to have subtle signs of use, barely noticeable during normal use.



Body: Visible scratches, and stains, along with possible visible dents/dings on the body

Screen: Minor but visible scratches that are barely noticeable if you turn on the screen

Expectation: Visible signs of use, fully functional with slight cosmetic imperfections.

Still performs just as well as "Excellent Grade.



Body: Noticeable scratches, visible spots upon close inspection. Possible discoloration, dents and dings on the body.

Screen: Prominent scratches on the screen. Visibility of the screen is not affected.

Expectation : Visibly used but fully functional.

Cost-saving despite cosmetic imperfections.

All devices are guaranteed to have battery health ranging from 80-100%

Devices will be allocated according to stock availability. Therefore, customers currently do not have the option to select devices with specific battery health.

We source our devices globally from various countries. Devices are allocated at random to customers depending on stock availability. Therefore, customers do not have the option to choose sets from specific countries/regions.

Yes! All devices are covered for a period of one (1) month from the date of sale.

There is also an option to purchase Extended Warranty or Replace Plus with 6/12 months coverage (applicable to Apple and Samsung devices only for the time being)

We only provide repair services for devices purchased from us.

The warranty on the device should still be valid.

In our effort to reduce e-waste and promote sustainability, we no longer include charger & cable with our products.

Join us in embracing a greener future by reusing existing chargers. Together, we can make a positive impact.

Yes, you can.
Follow the simple steps here for an instant price check on your phone.
If you are agreeable to the price and would like to sell your phone, our staff will come to your house to collect your phone and pay you cash on the spot.

An email will be sent once your order has been dispatched.

You can check your email or visit our website to check its status with your registered email account.

Please note: If you do not receive our email confirmation, please look into your SPAM/JUNK mailbox.

No refunds will be given unless the returned device is accompanied by the invoice/ receipt that came with the device.

Replace Plus

Replace Plus Plan is an after-sales service for 1-1 device swap program offered to customers that have purchased our CPO Devices which allows you to swap your device for any reason.


Alternatively, click here to find out how Replace Plus works!

You may inquire / submit a service request by contacting us.

6-month Service Tenure entitled 1 time Swap Request


12-month Service Tenure entitled 1 time Swap Request

You can opt for a 6 months or 12 months subscription plan, the subscriptions fees to be paid in lump sum  upon enrolment.

Upon your request for a replacement, there will be an applicable service request fee payable at the time of the service request, which is based on the retail price of your mobile device.

The payment is payable directly to CompAsia, the Replace Plus service provider.

Program & service fee can be found here.

Yes, duration of the contract period, which is either a 6-month or 12-month term.

T1 Device (RRP) Retail Pricing PHP 1-PHP 10,000 | Service Request Fee PHP 1,200



T2 Device (RRP) Retail Pricing PHP 10,001 - PHP 18,000 | Service Request Fee PHP 2,400


T3 Device (RRP) Retail Pricing PHP18,001 - PHP35,000 | Service Request Fee PHP 5,300


T4 Device (RRP) Retail Pricing PHP 35,001 - PHP 50,000 | Service Request Fee PHP 7,000


T5 Device (RRP) Retail Pricing PHP 50,001 - PHP 70,000 | Service Request Fee PHP 8,200


T6 Device (RRP) Retail Pricing Above PHP 70,000 | Service Request Fee PHP 12,000

You can enroll for Replace Plus Plan upon purchasing CompAsia’s CPO Device here on

There is no hidden cost.

All costs of subscriptions fee and service request fee are clearly stated in Replace Plus registration form/addendum and Customer’s Terms and Conditions.

This Replace Plus Plan is offered to all Philippines citizens above 18 years old who purchased a CPO Device from CompAsia E-Commerce website.

Warranty programs typically cover manufacturers’ defects only. Replace Plus allows you to replace your CPO Device for any reason locally.

Thanks for visiting our FAQ page! If you have any further questions, please contact us at