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Galaxy Z Flip4 (Hot Deals) SPECIAL PRICE

Galaxy S22 5G (LOWER PRICE)
Mynard Richard G Gadingan

So much good.

iPhone 12

Been using the phone for almost 2 weeks and my overall experience so far has been quite impressive. Also great customer service! My experience with the shop has been positive, and I would recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable and budget-friendly phone option!

Galaxy S22 Plus 5G
Bill Ivan Liboon
Samsung S22+

2nd time buying a samsung here at compasia, still surpasses my expectations.

Legit phone for a very low price

Love it. Arrived a bit longer since we're in the province.
Phone looks brand new
No scratches seen

iPhone 11 (Smart Locked)
Hyacinth Gultiano

iPhone 11 (Smart Locked)

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Hot Deals)
Romeo Bautista
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

I can't say it is in mint condition but the unit is not abused. Visible minimal scratches and tarnished sides. However, it is still a very reliable unit and its performance is remarkable. Plus side, knowing its value before, I was able to get though at a very reasonable price (more than 65% off of its original price). No downside on upgrades because apparently when Samsung extended it, it will cover until Android 16 with UI update included.

Galaxy A70
Segundino Olaso jr
Very good

Good condition..kahit 2nd hand na...mukhang baga pa talaga..

Galaxy S22 Plus 5G (Hot Deals)
Farley Jr Uy
Samsung S22 plus

Great phone, mas ok bumili ng second hand phone kesa sa brand new na sobrang mahal, sa tingin ko kung bibili ulit ako ng phone, dito ulit sa kanila.

Replace Plus (T1)
Analyn Abulencia

Replace Plus (T1)

Realme 9 (As New)
Jeffrey Pore

Realme 9 (As New)

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Hot Deals)
Jayvee Rellona

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Hot Deals)

Realme C33 (As New)
Good as new

I so satisfied about this product.

Galaxy A53 5G
Jeryl Ompoc
Samsung a53 5g

Good item and authentic recommended for those looking for seconhand phone.

iPad Pro 11" (2018) WiFi
Working properly

The product is working fine and had minimal scratches. Satisfied with my purchase. Ty

Galaxy S22 5G

Galaxy S20 FE 4G
Jorandale Bersamina

Galaxy s20 fe

Galaxy A71
Julina Jane Lucas
Samsung Galaxy A71 Review

First time buying a phone here and my mom is super happy with her phone. The product is in good shape despite being a second hand phone, and no issues at all. The delivery is fast and both CompAsia and the courier (LiteXpress) are responsive to inquiries. I'm planning to buy a phone here again once I decided to upgrade my existing phone. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :)

Galaxy A52
Ja-ian Delmo
Good quality

Thankyou the best talaga sa compasia

Galaxy S22 5G (LOWER PRICE)
Christine Gonzales
Samsung s22

Legit jud siya do. So buy bamo sa comp asia.🫶

Galaxy A33 5G
Analyn Domanog
Samsung A33 5g

worth the purchase. the store is legit and the phone component are best. so far as this time no disfunctionality of the phone detected. working properly...reccomend!

iPhone 13 Pro Max
Solomon Chang
iPhone 13 Pro Max

the phone was super nice in the hand, I didn't even notice the scratches u actually have too look close enough to notice the scratched and small dent but when i put the case and tempered glass you wont see it also has 87% battery life which was nice, and this shop still has the best customer support I've seen in a while

Galaxy S20 FE 4G
Cabreros Lester

Galaxy S20 FE 4G

iPhone 11 Pro Max
Richelle Fernandez
iphone 11 promax

nice phone, recomended to my friends

Huawei Nova 10
Ira Vargas
Excellent condition

Excellent condition

Philippines's #1 in second-hand tech

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